Do Right By People

Someone mishandled a relationship with me years ago. I’m only framing it that way because I was so much younger than them.  I forgave, but the way it all went down, I refused to forget.  Not with vengeance but vigilance… because “fool me won’t get fooled again”. So I shared


I know it’s been a while. We’ll discuss everything in due time, I promise. Growing up, I had an interesting relationship with “later”. Sunday School later was this noble place in time where the most faithful receive their reward. In my house “later” was just another word for “No”. In

The Table Prepared for You.

:::So I needed to wrestle with a thing that happened before I said anything. It’s a little long, but it hit, I promise ::: I sat at a table for 8 completely alone. Initially I went into default and text someone I had made friends with that was at table

Season 2 Finale Working Together

It ends well… It sounds like things are tense in the beginning, but this is not Black trauma. We sit down and analyze what it’s been like to work together, and even spoil what the next Season will be. Use Code: Maggie to save on your next purchase at

Season 2 Episode 11 The Magic of Persistence

This week I sit down with the extremely educated and talented Monique Mozee, owner of Mona’s Magic and we discuss The Fight. Healing is not linear nor is it one size fits all. Listen in as she shares her journey and everything that she learned along the way. Also, shop

Bonus Episode- Be Careful with Us (website only release)

This track is private. So it won’t show up in other places you subscribe. We had to sit down and wrap our minds around the latest wave of discussions about Black Women in America, which is why we even have a platform. Summary- be careful with one another. We dissect

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