Season 2 Episode 7- Path Forward

This episode I sit down with the amazing Rayna Moore. Corporate Strategist, Consultant, Activist and so much more. We discuss wellness, ease and moving forward in ways that serve us best. Use code: Maggie at to save on your next purchase!

Season 2 Episode 6- Healing Together

The Producer is in and we explore the dynamics of healing while living together during unforeseen circumstances. What we learned about ourselves and one another. Use code Maggie at and save 10% on your next order

Season 2 Episode 5- The Doctors Are In

I sit down with my sister-friends that are also experts in their respective fields and we get into so many things relating to the year behind us and the road ahead. Fair warning, The Producer held a full hour conversation with me after listening for sound fixes about Black Feminism,

Season 2 Episode 4- Think Your Way Through- Kai Wiley

This week I sit down with the multi-talented Kai Wiley. We discuss how she used 2020 to set new goals and dream new dreams. Get into this episode and prepare yourself to be inspired. Follow Kai:Instagram- @kaioteewileyYouTube- Kaiotee Wiley Use code Maggie at to save on your next purchase.

Season 2 Episode 3- Peeling Back the Layers

Doing the work of getting to the root of my discomfort and working towards the next steps. It’s one thing to tell you what I’m doing, but let’s take a stab at why. The Producer is back and we’re talking through what’s come up during these isolating times. The Music

Season 2- The Art of Healing w/Uncle Al

This week I get an exclusive interview with one of the dopest creative minds I’ve ever known, and he just happens to be my mother’s brother. This season is all about healing and he’s sharing how his art got him through the Pandemic. This week Uncle Al (just my uncle)

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