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Cute things that I’ve found all over. I have a secret passion, searching for the hard to locate items. I have a few friends that I do the deep dive shopping for and I’d like to bring some of the interesting items I find along the way directly to my readers. I’ll add limited availability items as I locate them and once they are gone, they are gone. This can range from jewelry & accessories to clothes and nerd collectables. Stay tuned.

Kitty Keychain Kubitan

Protect yourself at all times with this lightweight stylish keychain. 4 holes to allow you to adjust your grip and maintain control in a struggle.



Personal Protection Items:

Every item is hand-picked and Maggie tested to assure that they are effective, easy to carry and simple to use. As the offering develops and more intricate items are introduced, you’ll be sure to receive a video demonstration and access to a non-emergency help line to walk you through safe usage. It matters to me that you know what you’re getting and that you don’t add anything to your routine that you aren’t comfortable with. The whole point is to boost your confidence by increasing your preparation and practice.

Retractable baton

Compact retractable baton reduces to less than 6" and easy to fit into any purse or pocket. Great for those that have to walk alone at night or jog through parks. Lanyard ring allows for custom tethering to suit your needs.


Blush Brush Stunner

A compact and stylish flashlight and 5 million volt stun gun. The sound of the spark alone is enough to cause attackers to reconsider. Fits in most small purses and pockets. Colors Vary



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