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Story of My Life ep03 (Vlog)

Tony and I were talking and we got to some stories about my life when I was with my Granny (Ellen). She always supported my inner daredevil. My calculating and not trying to really hurt myself inner daredevil. Enjoy!

Story of My Life Ep02 (Vlog)

I share a story from the early days of living in Georgia and learning what a Country Mile feels like. Enjoy.

Still Podcasting… (Audio)

I’m so grateful to be back blogging on a regular basis. There’s a post scheduled to release tomorrow for those of you that are waiting on something of mine to read… until then, make sure you subscribe to the podcast I told you about a while ago. Click here to

The Blackest of Octobers- Subscribe to the Podcast!

T & M Podcast- The Blackest of Octobers Many of you know that this is where you can find the latest contributions of Black Maggie. Hopefully you enjoy this week’s episode, and for those of you that are not big on SoundCloud, we are available on every major podcast outlet.

T & M Podcast…. The beginning

I know that I’ve been away for a while. I had a corporate conference to help run with a team of amazing people and now I’ve got a new podcast. Black Maggie’s been busy… all this just before my birthday. Happy 6th of July in advance! Subscribe to the podcast

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