Category: Wellness

Season 2- Beginning the Healing

Letting y’all in my business… Meet the family, find out about my insecurities and get into what it sounds like to do the work of getting to a better place by being honest about the past. If this episode made you want to skateboard remember to use code: Maggie at

Black & Bossy Pre-Motherhood…This Ain’t Cute.

I have been a solid Dog-Mom for the last three years, and like a Black small-footed Peggy Hill, here I find myself pregnant with a son that I never imagined would be. Yes, I know where babies come from. No, I didn’t think that I was in the danger zone.

Black Alzheimer’s

I’ve been holding on to this thing for a while now, and I think that I’m ready to discuss where I am in the process. Keep in mind, the experience that your family may be having may not be anything like the account I’m about to give you. Hell, my

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