Category: Journal- Introspection


I know it’s been a while. We’ll discuss everything in due time, I promise. Growing up, I had an interesting relationship with “later”. Sunday School later was this noble place in time where the most faithful receive their reward. In my house “later” was just another word for “No”. In

The Journey and The Destination

Not every dead end stops the journey.

I Can’t Stand Bitches

So first of all context. I’m worrying you on day 3 of the insertion of my iud. I have horrible periods and this is my last ditch effort to live a normal life before I find the doctor that will do an ablation and end this nightmare.  Prior to insertion

Hey Guess What?

I don’t owe you $hit. Paid for by A Debt-Free America and Advocates of Autonomy.   (DID YOU VOTE TODAY?) Often times people find their own place in your life. The spot that makes them comfortable and adds to the mutual pot of happy between you. What happens in some

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