Category: Grandparents

Story of My Life ep03 (Vlog)

Tony and I were talking and we got to some stories about my life when I was with my Granny (Ellen). She always supported my inner daredevil. My calculating and not trying to really hurt myself inner daredevil. Enjoy!

Black Alzheimer’s

I’ve been holding on to this thing for a while now, and I think that I’m ready to discuss where I am in the process. Keep in mind, the experience that your family may be having may not be anything like the account I’m about to give you. Hell, my

Inheritance… (reflective motivational journal entry)

Many of you that have taken the time to get to know me on other platforms know that I’m about my paper. But today’s post has very little to do with money. Today I’m talking about the inheritance that you don’t have to talk to the IRS about. The other

"I’m Black… but I’m here" (Video)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! This year I was given the task of making the secondary staple of the table, the Mac & Cheese. On my Facebook page I expressed some frustration in creating this dish because I don’t have a tangible recipe. We’ve already discussed that dilemma.  What I  didn’t discuss

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