Story of My Life ep01 (Video Link)

This one time, in New Orleans…

On this episode, I share the story of how I accidentally visited one of the most known housing projects in the country. Follow me on the journey that showed me why you DON’T try to test out rap lyrics in real life, and why manners and common sense go a long way everywhere.


New Camera, New Direction- Vlog 1

I absolutely LOVE writing, but sometimes when I share things I feel like the message is better conveyed when I can make the appropriate face to go along with the sentiment. In the past I’ve used creative commons photos and memes to help emphasize my point. However, after some consideration I have decided to take my talents over to YouTube.

img_20180705_232218_145I will always have a little something extra to say here, but these upcoming stories about the happenings inside my life need video. This is the hub, so you’ll have the links before they are published on the channel.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Subscribe & Hit the Bell- Vlog-1

Loving and Forgiving Yourself.

For those of you that follow on Instagram and Facebook, you may have listened to the radio interview that aired tonight. I wanted to create a space to keep that conversation going. Let me know what you think.

I am so honored to have the chance to hold this conversation and help others get to a place of loving and forgiving themselves. I honestly believe, that once more people love themselves in a real way, the more that we can all learn to love one another.

Here are the discussion questions-

Do you struggle with loving yourself? What do you lean on to find the strength to get out of the dark feelings? How would you encourage others that struggle with this notion?