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Black Dreams, Fantasies & Realities (Opinion Piece)

This piece is a summation of my opinion based on my observation. I encourage you to seek out the perspectives and research the concepts presented here for yourself and share your conclusions. This is a safe space for the exchange of ideas. Links provided in-text for reference.

A Sense of Community..

T&M Podcast- Community Hips (Episode 3)- There used to be a time that it didn’t take a lot to make it. Most of the things that we needed were a short walk away, and our neighbors were a network of resources akin to a Tribe. I’ve been sharing the story

Blackest Weekend of the Blackest Month… (Journal/Reaction)

This is my take on the high I’m feeling after the blackest weekend in the blackest month.  I’m black all day every day, not just in February. The weekend prior to this one was spent trying to make a dent in helping a city that’s mostly black feel some sense

Flint Water Crisis (Why I’ve been away and how you can help)

The Rundown- A view of the Flint River in downtown Flint, Mich., Jan. 24, 2016. Photo by Danny Wilcox Frazier/VII for MSNBC Click on the picture to get the latest timeline of events in Flint as told by MSNBC.  This past week I’ve been working diligently with the zealous ladies of

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