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Season 2 Episode 9- Using Your Gifts

This week I sit down with a friend from the way back, the very talented writer Eric James Faulk. His story around healing reaches far back beyond 2020 and touches on several victories. Listen in while we discuss how the victory is hidden inside the loss as an opportunity. You

Season 2 Episode 4- Think Your Way Through- Kai Wiley

This week I sit down with the multi-talented Kai Wiley. We discuss how she used 2020 to set new goals and dream new dreams. Get into this episode and prepare yourself to be inspired. Follow Kai:Instagram- @kaioteewileyYouTube- Kaiotee Wiley Use code Maggie at to save on your next purchase.

Episode 5- Survival And Strategy

Here I am… telling my business again. The Producer is back. Timestamps- 1:40 Topic Starts (Producer is in the building)3:51 What was your perception of my state of survival?5:55 Re-proving yourself9:30 Finishing & Adaptation11:40 Observe, Take Notes, Show Respect18:46 Bologna & Chips19:35 The Story- Standards25:15 We were Poor when

Still Podcasting… (Audio)

I’m so grateful to be back blogging on a regular basis. There’s a post scheduled to release tomorrow for those of you that are waiting on something of mine to read… until then, make sure you subscribe to the podcast I told you about a while ago. Click here to

The Blackest of Octobers- Subscribe to the Podcast!

T & M Podcast- The Blackest of Octobers Many of you know that this is where you can find the latest contributions of Black Maggie. Hopefully you enjoy this week’s episode, and for those of you that are not big on SoundCloud, we are available on every major podcast outlet.

A Sense of Community..

T&M Podcast- Community Hips (Episode 3)- There used to be a time that it didn’t take a lot to make it. Most of the things that we needed were a short walk away, and our neighbors were a network of resources akin to a Tribe. I’ve been sharing the story

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