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Season 2- Beginning the Healing

Letting y’all in my business… Meet the family, find out about my insecurities and get into what it sounds like to do the work of getting to a better place by being honest about the past. If this episode made you want to skateboard remember to use code: Maggie at

Say Our Name!

I’m talking to women this whole blog post, so if you have lived experience as a woman come on in. Everyone else is free to read it, and probably should, but I want to be clear on who this “conversation” is between and inform you of your guest status if

Who’s On Your List?

From the age of roughly 16 I had just moved away from my hometown and I was dealing with lots of varying emotions rooted in whether or not I was letting my loved ones down. My cheerleading squad, youth group, church family, friends and the rest of my immediate family

The Journey and The Destination

Not every dead end stops the journey.

Black Dreams, Fantasies & Realities (Opinion Piece)

This piece is a summation of my opinion based on my observation. I encourage you to seek out the perspectives and research the concepts presented here for yourself and share your conclusions. This is a safe space for the exchange of ideas. Links provided in-text for reference.

Black & Bossy Pre-Motherhood…This Ain’t Cute.

I have been a solid Dog-Mom for the last three years, and like a Black small-footed Peggy Hill, here I find myself pregnant with a son that I never imagined would be. Yes, I know where babies come from. No, I didn’t think that I was in the danger zone.

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