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I know it’s been a while. We’ll discuss everything in due time, I promise. Growing up, I had an interesting relationship with “later”. Sunday School later was this noble place in time where the most faithful receive their reward. In my house “later” was just another word for “No”. In

Story of My Life Ep02 (Vlog)

I share a story from the early days of living in Georgia and learning what a Country Mile feels like. Enjoy.

Story of My Life ep01 (Video Link)

This one time, in New Orleans… On this episode, I share the story of how I accidentally visited one of the most known housing projects in the country. Follow me on the journey that showed me why you DON’T try to test out rap lyrics in real life, and why

The Journey and The Destination

Not every dead end stops the journey.

You are who you REALLY you are. (Reflective Opinion Piece) There’s an old saying “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell who you are”. Lots of motivational speakers like to drop that line and make people feel like the power to push your life in the direction that you choose is up to the circle that you curate.

2015 Life Lessons (video)

2015 was interesting and long as hell. This year felt like 3 of them jammed together with 1 Winter and 2 long Springs. This year was so odd that I decided to be sure that I captured the major moments of my own life and share them with you, my

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