Tag: Mental Health

Season 2 Episode 11 The Magic of Persistence

This week I sit down with the extremely educated and talented Monique Mozee, owner of Mona’s Magic and we discuss The Fight. Healing is not linear nor is it one size fits all. Listen in as she shares her journey and everything that she learned along the way. Also, shop

Season 2 Episode 8- Sometimes You Have To Encourage Yourself

We talk about how we’ve changed and don’t plan on going back to who we used to be. This week’s episode covers what happens when wounds start to close. Join us as The Producer pulls out some deeper thoughts that led to a new mantra. Use Code: Maggie at ProperGnar.com

Episode Six- Retail Therapy

The timestamps are missing on purpose. Listen to the whole thing, jewels are dropped all over. Enjoy! This week’s Artist- Issa AliSong- “Good Morning”Streaming on most major DSPs.

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