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Season 2 Episode 11 The Magic of Persistence

This week I sit down with the extremely educated and talented Monique Mozee, owner of Mona’s Magic and we discuss The Fight. Healing is not linear nor is it one size fits all. Listen in as she shares her journey and everything that she learned along the way. Also, shop

Season 2- The Art of Healing w/Uncle Al

This week I get an exclusive interview with one of the dopest creative minds I’ve ever known, and he just happens to be my mother’s brother. This season is all about healing and he’s sharing how his art got him through the Pandemic. This week Uncle Al (just my uncle)

Episode Four- Food Liberation

This Episode I get to have a conversation with my Homesteading Sensei. She tells us why it’s worth it and we get into our favorite restaurant/ business model. Enjoy!

Episode One (Listen Now)

Subscribe, Subscribe, Subscribe! The Season is underway. First episode is a solo one (for the most part) and we are setting the intentions for the journey ahead, including where I stand on Gospel Rap and whether or not the producer will keep his job. Thank you so much for being

Editing Week Is Here (Intro Song Debut)

Finished up all of the interviews and all of the solo episodes and now it’s time to put it all together. I’m still looking for songs to close out a few episodes so if you know someone that wants to have their music heard, I’d love to share this season

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