We. Been. Knew. (Election Opinion)

As a person that’s had the opportunity to live in several places and have close dealings with others, here’s my take on what we just witnessed in this election cycle.

Let me start this by saying, I’ve never missed an election since turning 18 no matter where I’ve lived. I voted absentee when I was in the military and I’ve only voted early in Presidential years. Every other piddly 2 issue primary, local and general election, I’ve tootsie rolled my behind right into the polling place. Short story, I can say something.

The Breakdown-

  • Florida has been a problem since Ca$h Money took over for the 99 to the 2000.
  • Georgia can’t count on anything because Atlanta is a concept that bleeds out into imaginary lands that are full of pockets of racists. While it was enough to get the 1996 Olympics, it isn’t enough to win an election.
  • There’s only 3 pockets of major civilization in Ohio, and they all went blue. Everything else looks like the set of “Wrong Turn” and the major city inhabitants generally try to avoid them… with the exception of those of us that sneak into the suburbs to try to get decent school districts… only to end up having to come through the PTA meetings with a WHOLE Al Sharpton Spirit (sweatsuit and a flip version) on a nearly weekly basis because the principals can’t stop saying N!&&@
  • Thing 2 about Ohio, a bunch of us end up in the military yet somehow the democratic cheat sheet people forgot there was a veteran issue on the ballot. Here’s what I think happened. The assumption may have been made that veterans have an us vs. them mentality so there wasn’t a need to take a stance on whether or not you need to be an Ohio resident to get 5 point privilege on civil service jobs. The only problem with that is lots of us change residency often so that we (or our family members) can attend college at the in-state rate in the places we’ve been stationed without going to DegreesRUs.com (or to get better income tax rates). We also tend to shy away from heavily populated areas when we can afford it… which puts us out of the main drag for political pull ups.

If you’re surprised by anything that you’ve witnessed tonight I want to help you with a couple of other tough facts, The Tooth Fairy is your momma and so is Santa.

Land ownership, raw capitalism (bootstrap theory) and separatist (God bless the child that’s got his own) views are some of the points of commonality among the places we’ve seen go red. If the Democratic party wants to gain leverage in those areas they have to 1st GO to those areas and figure out what the people have in common with the party’s views.

What makes me so tired is the fact that the DNC knows that already because we all watched it work with Obama. He went to Mansfield folks, Mr is from there and I wouldn’t go there without a family pass but it’s necessary for the W.

Major cities are full of people that don’t mind neighbors, which means on some subconscious level there’s a cooperative spirit that can be appealed to via general advertising methods. Country folks don’t usually trust outsiders, so you have to make your way IN. That’s not a dig, wouldn’t you feel a way about more government involvement if the only time they have interest in your space is when they want a piece of it? Either your vote or some notice of eminent domain…

You can’t be shocked that people you barely acknowledge aren’t moved by your snappy logo and rollout. It’s going to take MORE. The proof is in the results. Argue with your board of elections.

One Reply to “We. Been. Knew. (Election Opinion)”

  1. Erica V. says:

    Sound Thinking! Yet, the Big Three Population Areas Went Blue, while RED Ran the Table in Ohio. Majority vote is all that’s needed, there is no electoral comparison in State Elections. OHIO Blue walked away barely maintaining one (1) US SENATE seat.

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