My Baby is Turning 1!

So I’ll save you time, yes I’m that Mom.

The theme: Black Excellence

Yes we will begin the festivities with “Lift Every Voice and Sing”

Yes we are singing the Stevie Wonder version of the birthday song.

Yes we will have a libation ceremony to honor our ancestors.

Yes we are eating Soul Food.

Yes we asked for books instead of toys.

Yes we’re accepting college fund donations.

U-gift Code available upon request.

Yes there’s a playlist—> CAMDEN GREY|Black Excellence Chpt. 1

Decor Inspiration : Grandma’s House ❤️

So that’s what I’ve been doing all this time. I kept him alive for a whole year with the help of an amazing Village. We celebrate that this weekend…

Thanks for your patience. 🙌🏾

One Reply to “My Baby is Turning 1!”

  1. Ayana Denson-Garrett says:

    I totally love this!! Your young King is going to appreciate your village focused and self-love consciousness rearing. It’s a joy to see your motherhood unfold. #blackcrunchymoms


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