Plan… HA! Plan for what?!?

Hey, I want to just be vulnerable for like 5 seconds because it’s Sunday.

I’m tight. I felt the unrest coming in my spirit so I slowed down prep… but the fact that everything is down to chance and busting moves has me exhausted with this wedding next week.

There will NOT be a do-over though. It’s going to be exactly whatever it is and that’s that. Not even if somebody else planned it.

If I even tried to express how much my plans seem to always get the monkey wrench, but the wrench turns out to be EXACTLY what was needed we’d have real church right here on this post.

I know people have been avoiding asking me too many things, I have also avoided saying much… so that’s that on that.

If you want to attend the virtual wedding let me know.

Lesson: the Lord’s stuff is usually $Free.99 so while it’s aggravating, he’s got a wider angle on it all. “Pray and see what happens” is a solid plan when it comes to my personal events. It’s going to be fine.

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