Battle Wounds Need Tending

As a people we are all experiencing different forms of psychological/emotional injury. Take care of yourself.

Give yourself permission to tend to the wounds. Seek Joy constantly, laugh at inappropriate times, feel sunshine, dance until your vibrations lift, eat real foods rich in nutrients, drink more water…  do what you need to do to find a way to be the real version of “ok” that we keep lying and telling everybody we are.

There will be Allies that try to help, and we may not be in a space to do any work to get them up to speed. They will just have to understand that trust takes time, and their education is not our responsibility (Google is Free). It’s ok to not be a social justice shaman right now. There’s enough people on that assignment to not have to take that on. 

Inner peace may not be available right now, but it’s on the way if you seek it. There will always be things that take us off center. As long as we keep waking up, we get a chance to work on healing and pressing forward. There’s so much more work to do.

We need you, so care for yourself like the vital part of our Liberation that you are. Your feelings are valid. Your experience is real. You deserve love, care and aid.


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