Black Small Business

None of the below is going to bash any business, that’s not the energy here. I just want to let you all in on what I’ve seen in the last four years of working in the minority and underserved focused small business space. I’ve owned a management and consulting firm since 2016.

“What type of business would you like to start?”

Since 2016 the answer has never been in the high dollar lane. My business turned into a ministry by year 2.

For a while it frustrated me that nobody was out here trying to become a tycoon, and then I looked at myself… Just wanting to help.

It’s not like I don’t know how to make crazy money. I’ve put systems in place that have helped companies get sticky income since I finished college. I’ve watched businesses triple on my watch and that rush it’s what keeps me clocking in to mainstream corporate… I love to help.

What’s the issue? When it’s time to ask for money from my community I’m on both sides of the negotiation. I know for a fact that that’s what keeps us in this income loop… But there are ways out. It’s going to take us standing firm in the value of what we offer.  We have to realize that the guilt of the come up only lasts if we don’t make the effort to reach back.

I don’t know who… I know exactly who needs to hear this, it’s time to get paid. Real money.

Charge your real prices. Compete! I know when people hear me say that word they get antsy. They always default to “there’s room for everybody” and to that I say Yes, but that’s after we get through the door.

I don’t ever want us to lose our heart for humanity. I never want to see us become money hungry to the point that we’d destroy the environment. I also don’t want to keep watching us stick to the stuff that doesn’t create six-figure recurring revenue in a single contract.

We have the talent, we don’t always have the money, but I’ve met some interesting people along my life’s journey that may be able to fill in the gaps.

Get through the door.

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