Episode 5- Survival And Strategy

Photo by Wallace Chuck on Pexels.com

Here I am… telling my business again. The Producer is back.


1:40 Topic Starts (Producer is in the building)
3:51 What was your perception of my state of survival?
5:55 Re-proving yourself
9:30 Finishing & Adaptation
11:40 Observe, Take Notes, Show Respect
18:46 Bologna & Chips
19:35 The Story- https://blackmaggie.com/2019/12/30/pack-light-badu-voice/
23:20 Standards
25:15 We were Poor when we moved to Atlanta (Me telling my Business)
30:30 Producer is on probation
30:55 Song Intro
Holla G Dotta “Showtime 2nd Quarter”
Go to http://www.dottaworld.com and get into his vibe!

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