I know it’s been a while. We’ll discuss everything in due time, I promise.

Growing up, I had an interesting relationship with “later”. Sunday School later was this noble place in time where the most faithful receive their reward. In my house “later” was just another word for “No”. In the rest of the real world “later” just wasn’t real because it seemed like there was always another funeral. I developed a dependence on “Now” and as a result, I lost the virtue of patience.

Now is the only real thing I could ever bet on. The patterns of the past lined up with whatever is going on today. I was in my early 20s and believed that I had life figured out with that one. I was so wrong, but I have to actively cancel that thought process even today.

It’s hard to believe that you’ll have time in this world, but if you don’t pace out a long game you simply won’t grow. That applies to most areas of life.

I started this site to capture my creative projects that needed a place to live. So far you’ve got my blog posts, podcasts, vacation photography, and playlists. I intend to hold this space for my heart for as long as possible. I held off posting over the last year because my heart was broken in so many ways and none of the things that I considered sharing felt like they’d help anyone. I was in a dark place… but now here I sit in the light of “later”.

Sometimes later is that noble place where the faithful receive their reward. Other times it is just where you can find everybody, that decided not to give up completely, a few steps closer to the things they want out of life. Truth is, later is on the way no matter how you treat it and it’s made up of what you decide one “now” at a time.

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