You Ain’t Got the Answers

Show me the person that definitively knows what they want to be when they grow up and I’ll show you a possible con-artist. Some of the most well rounded individuals that I know still have unfulfilled dreams. I think that’s just part of life’s quest, constantly redefining goals and seeking new levels of “making it”.
This journey becomes more apparently the further away from 28  one ascends in life. One day, you’re killin’ it among people in your age bracket, you get the job, the house, the car and suddenly you’re hit with a brand new wave of “you ain’t shit…”. 
Don’t you just love self-doubt? 
Not only will it keep you up in the wee hours of the night just to put the finishing touches on any given project that you plan for others to see, it will also in the same swift kick to the inner thigh, make you tape your finger to the backspace button until there’s no possible trace of the drivel that you just wrote. There’s no way that there’s such thing as a well adjusted 30 something, not with all the pressure to succeed in your career, be in a solid committed relationship and at least be actively working on developing a family; while also starting a business and finishing a graduate degree. 
Who the hell is walking around with that much time and getting it all right? 
I’m convinced the whole thing is a scam by the credit card companies to make you think that your crap furniture from Ikea and the Thrift Store isn’t adequate for “Entertaining” and in order to be the best host possible and not be seen as a social pariah, one MUST invest in the latest, cutlery, appliances, furniture and wall decor. I remember my couch from when I was 23 and damn it I miss it. Granted it was not a cheap couch, but I paid cash for it because I was enlisted military balling and could afford to spend my entire half-month salary on things because when it got bad enough I could go buy groceries tax-free. 
I’m just saying. People like to post crap online and make you think that you’re sucking at life and that you need to kick it all up to 1000, but the truth of the matter is, nobody out here knows what the hell they are doing. We all hate where our careers have taken us, unless we’re actually actively fulfilling all of our dreams, it boils down to…. Everybody is trying to DO BETTER.
 So perhaps that’s enough encouragement to help take the pressure off. I hope it lets you feel like you can breathe long enough to just keep going and not worry about what’s happening in anyone else’s race.
If not, here’s a shot… it’s OK to not have all the answers. 

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