Hello… it’s M.E.

Many of you know me from my hair blog www.OohMyHair.com , and some of you may have been reading my work since that fateful summer in 2008 when I first began to blog about my life justmarri.blogspot.com .

 Well I’m all grown up and lots of things are different now, from who I’m with to what I’m doing for a living. I have created this space to be my hideaway much like my first blog that I’m surprised to find that people are still reading.

Let me set the proper expectations:

First off, I’m finishing my MBA (August 2016) so there may be some times that I just can’t post on a schedule, but if I’m gone for a long time I will come back with a recap.

Secondly, I’m exploring entrepreneurship again and I hope to share some things that I pick up along the way. While this blog is not about business… let’s face it, we’re talking about M.E. and EVERYTHING is about business so it is my desire to bring you some helpful hints amidst the rest of my posts.

Thirdly, I enjoy reading and writing as my primary form of communication so I expect comments, I welcome them and most of all I appreciate them. So keep them coming. That’s what pushes me to continue to write.

Fourth and Final Point, I’m putting my life out here. I am a black, female, Veteran (US Navy) MBA candidate Nerd; with a dog, male domestic partner, an affinity for hair, fashion and writing about smut… and my name is Margaret Ellen. I have yet to live out a full boring day as many of you have come to learn, but to my brand new readers… I love the fact that despite the many labels that can be applied to my life, I live outside of expectations. I have been blessed with a name and nickname that affords some pretty interesting reactions and interactions and I hope to share this journey that is my crazy life.

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