“Rich” Men… You sure that’s the move Sis?


People have been sharing this video and I’ve seen several thoughts. I will not ever engage in bashing another woman on this platform so this ain’t that. I would however like to dig a little deeper into what I witnessed.

1. It’s called Self-Esteem. If someone asks me to be honest with myself about how I rate between 1-10 and I can’t use 7, I’m firm in my feelings of 8 with a regional differential. I can slide up to a 10 in the right city, but total package, just some shea butter a washed body and brushed teeth? 8. Miami and LA might knock me to a Low B, but people still put in effort to get a B. Half of attraction is confidence. When Sistren said 5 and it was makeup that brought her to 6 I wanted to cry and hang up the line for her. She’s not ugly at all to me, but she thinks that she’s not cute and so that’s what translates out. Even if other people wouldn’t have said that about her without hearing her opinion of herself.

2. $100k is not asking a lot if you don’t apply criteria to background and identity. I don’t think that she was out of her depths wanting to find someone that makes money comparable to her own income. I do however know that systemic issues only afford that to people of a particular mix of drive, ambition, connections and access. Also, I have known men that make much more money than that get with women that the world may not classify above a 7, but the requirements for acquiescing to their strange proclivities are HIGH. People that make money in that range tend to be the hunting type, men and women, so they believe in challenges and pushing boundaries. That sounds fun until you find yourself in a compromising position hoping your ancestors can’t see you just because $65k/yr Regular Rodney couldn’t buy you a car.

3. Mean is relative. Ladies that happen to date men, get you some dude friends of your own . I’m the type of woman that has always had at least 2-4 male friends that I love like brothers and I’ve known them since I was 12. Men don’t cater to feelings when you ask them for advice… specifically advice on dating. They also can only advise up to their level of experience. My suggestion to other ladies that reach out to these types of shows, if you aren’t calling for fun, don’t call Sis. Life is short, and unless you are the type that can hang with the guys and give them back the heat they give it’s not worth putting yourself out there just to add to his views. We know that she owns a dog grooming business, but she didn’t name drop it so we could give her some traffic. When it’s found let’s support her business with the same energy we watched until the end of his segment.

4. Dude is funny until he’s coming for you. Think better off yourself than to go get dragged on the internet for free. It ain’t worth it y’all.

5. Kind and Smart… That’s the list y’all, because somebody like that won’t be broke. A kind person, they won’t burn bridges and people will want to see them win. Smart? They know how to learn whatever they don’t know. You need both Single People because if they don’t have both whatever money they acquire won’t last.

That’s all I’ve got. Did you ask see anything else? The comment section is always open.

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