A New Day

I am a Xennial. I served in the Navy in 02 under Bush. I was stationed in New Orleans. I have seen dark times. These last four years were hands down the darkest of the ones I’ve witnessed.

In 2002, my CIC flew over the heads of people then belted out “Good Job, Brownie!” when absolutely nothing had been done. Comparatively, the spirit that occupied the office in these last years tossed paper towel rolls and delayed or denied resources to Puerto Ricans in the wake of their disaster. Not even a formaldehyde filled FEMA trailer to be seen!

Let’s be very clear, the point of the last office holder was to serve as a big white eraser and to fortify the supremacist structures that keep the poor and the Brown down. What we just endured was not a real administration, and the only slight consolation is that the lie was told that he wouldn’t draw a salary. I don’t believe it, but it feels good, that’s what lies are for.

We have an opportunity to rebalance to some semblance of humanity. Will all our problems be solved? Absolutely not. However, the speeches that explain the delay will be coherent and respectful. Maybe we will finally see the end of Student Loan Debt Slavery… if not we’ve been in debt this long, we know how to act with that. This Pandemic, that not only did Obama predict, but he put a team in place to combat, will have real scientists back on the job providing guidance instead of governors. Poli-Sci ain’t the Sci we need right now.

On to our next chapter, where women, trans and cis, have a seat at the table. I like the direction that we’re headed knowing that there’s now indigenous people in the room. It feels good to know that there’s at least one set of eyes from most perspectives taking up space. I think I get it though, if I was high on privilege I would probably be mad at not being the default “boss” too. However, even some of the cousins of the treasonous cults still have their seats.

This is America. We don’t agree. Hell a bunch of us didn’t ask to be part of this thing, but we’re in it and right now it feels like someone took the tape off of our mouths. Yes, we’re still tied up, but at least we can scream and let somebody know we’re here. It’s a new day. Lace up your chucks and let’s at least go ask for every single thing we want.

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