The Table Prepared for You.

:::So I needed to wrestle with a thing that happened before I said anything. It’s a little long, but it hit, I promise :::

I sat at a table for 8 completely alone.

Initially I went into default and text someone I had made friends with that was at table 22 and invited them up. They were afraid that whomever was “supposed” to be there would arrive and it would be awkward. I understood. They stayed at 22.

The room was invited to begin eating.

I had my salad. The entrée was served. I damn near choked on my lettuce but muscled through without making a scene. I chose my dessert from the middle, had a few bites. Crossed my utensils on my plate and waited for a quiet spot in the program to make my exit.

After I left they text back to see if there was still room. The meal was over, I was in another room on a board committee call.

The lessons:
1. Sometimes you’re going to be placed in a lonely spot. But when the choice between 8 alone and 22 with company presented itself, 8 alone made sense.
2. Eat the plate prepared for you before you bust a move.
3. What’s for you is for you no matter how it feels. I have always been the take everybody I can with me type… but some folks just ain’t coming no matter how much room there is for them because THEY don’t believe that they belong.
4. Say yes when that’s what you really want because if you wait too long, the opportunity will be gone.

Morning 🙋🏾‍♀️
*picture is from that night, but I just hadn’t posted it. Nothing to do with the story*

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