Do Right By People

Someone mishandled a relationship with me years ago. I’m only framing it that way because I was so much younger than them.  I forgave, but the way it all went down, I refused to forget.  Not with vengeance but vigilance… because “fool me won’t get fooled again”.

So I shared a story of one of the moments that I can’t forget with my husband today… then I decided to Google just to see how it all turned out.

They’ve been on the other side for nearly a decade. 

While we never reconnected, and that’s the right thing,  I’m glad that I parted ways with “protect myself” energy as opposed to “F You” vibes. I learned so much from them, and I hope that they became everything that they were manifesting when we met before they left here. They really had great ideas, good intentions and didn’t mind sharing where to build good wholesale relationships. When I consider my education in business, my time with them counts no matter how it turned out personally.

RIP 🙏🏾 

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