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Season 2 Episode 10- You feel what You eat

This week we sit down with the owner of Medley, Columbus, Georgia’s newest vegan dining experience, Alicia Walker. We have a great conversation about healing physically from the inside out through mindful eating. She has dedicated years of her life to researching as well as experimenting on herself and her

Season 2 Episode 9- Using Your Gifts

This week I sit down with a friend from the way back, the very talented writer Eric James Faulk. His story around healing reaches far back beyond 2020 and touches on several victories. Listen in while we discuss how the victory is hidden inside the loss as an opportunity. You

Season 2 Episode 8- Sometimes You Have To Encourage Yourself

We talk about how we’ve changed and don’t plan on going back to who we used to be. This week’s episode covers what happens when wounds start to close. Join us as The Producer pulls out some deeper thoughts that led to a new mantra. Use Code: Maggie at

Season 2 Episode 7- Path Forward

This episode I sit down with the amazing Rayna Moore. Corporate Strategist, Consultant, Activist and so much more. We discuss wellness, ease and moving forward in ways that serve us best. Use code: Maggie at to save on your next purchase!

Season 2 Episode 6- Healing Together

The Producer is in and we explore the dynamics of healing while living together during unforeseen circumstances. What we learned about ourselves and one another. Use code Maggie at and save 10% on your next order

Season 2 Episode 5- The Doctors Are In

I sit down with my sister-friends that are also experts in their respective fields and we get into so many things relating to the year behind us and the road ahead. Fair warning, The Producer held a full hour conversation with me after listening for sound fixes about Black Feminism,

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